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Integrated into the Comarca de la Sidra, Colunga bathing its coastline, as well as breathtaking views starring the peaks of the Sueve mountain range. The rural charm displayed by this picturesque village will not leave any visitor indifferent.


At only ten minutes by car from the hotel, there is the village of Lastres. Awarded as one of the prettiest villages of Spain. Lastres is characterized by the strategical placement of its houses. Getting lost between the houses of this fishing village will make you discover impressive views one could easily mistake for a painted landscape. From as high up as the Mirador de San Roque lookout all the way down to the port, the views from this village are amazing and will leave you stunned. Lastres is one of the most touristic villages of Asturias, an has been a stage for the Sapnish TV series Doctor Mateo.

This fishing village can be found at twenty minutes by car from our hotel. The beach, Playa de Santa Marina, with its colonial “indiano” (Spaniards who found fortune in Latin America and returned to retire) mansions, the port at the feet of La Guía chapel, and the pedestrian streets allow you to enjoy peaceful walks. In Ribadesella you will discover corners worthy of being featured on the most beautiful postcards. La cueva de Tito Bustillo is a cave featuring a collection of some of the best preserved Palaeolithic cave paintings in the world, included in UNESCO´s list of World Heritage Sites.

Llanes is a fishing village offering great tourist attractions. In its harbour, we find the Memories Cubes, a piece by the artist Agustín Ibarrola. The Playa del Sablón, San Pedro walking path, and the historic centre of this town are must-sees when visiting.
The municipality of Llanes is characterized by its variety of golden beaches and cliffs, set n a rural area which makes it a place or unrivalled beauty.


Set amidst a spectacular landscape, one finds the sanctuary of Covadonga – highlighted by is holy cave, Marian image, and the basilica – strategically constructed upon its rock. This would undoubtedly count as the most mandatory of visits to anyone nearing Asturias.
From Covadonga starts the climb up to the Lakes Enol and Ercina , featuring a view that will be remembered by everyone visiting this spot. The lakes of Covadonga are situated right in the Picos de Europa National Park. There is controlled access to the lakes during peak season, providing transport service to tourists.



Jurassic Museum of Astuias (MUJA):
Close to the hotel, at five minutes by car, in our own municipality of Colunga, this museum offers a view of life on earth from its beginnings until the emergence of mankind. Colunga´s Jurassic Museum offers extensive information on different aspects of the lives of the dinosaurs that once inhabited these lands.

Interpretation centre Sierra del Sueve:
This centre introduces us to the coastal mountain range that makes Colunga a uniquely situated municipality between the sea and the mountains. Here, we can collect all the information needed to organize a fieldtrip, get informed about weather forecasts and conditions, or get acquainted with life in the Sueve mountain range.

Tito Bustillo Cave and the Centre of Paleolithic Art:
Situated in Ribadesella, the Tito Bustillo cave features collection of some of the best preserved Palaeolithic cave paintings in the world, included in UNESCO´s list of World Heritage Sites.
One of the must-sees of the area, a trip to Tito Bustillo gets complemented nicely by a visit to its centre of Paleolithic, where children and adults can participate in fun workshops teaching us about the inhabitants of the cave and their lives.

Cider Museum:
In the neighbouring municipality of Nava –also belonging to the Comarca de la Sidra – there is the opportunity to pay a visit to the cider museum to get to know the region´s signature drink.


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