The closest beach to hotel Los Caspios is the Playa de La Isla

at only a kilometre away. At low tide, this beach is connected to the Playa del Barrigón, and at a couple of meters lies the Playa de la Espasa, in the municipality of Caravia.

The eastern coast of Asturias offers a variety of pearly white beaches, inviting you to take a stroll, a dip in the waters of the Cantabrian sea, or enjoy a day at the beach with friends or family.

Playa Isla

Playa de La Isla

At only one kilometer from the hotel we will find this golden beach stretching out for 800 meters. When the tide is low, the Playa de la Isla gets linked to the Playa de El Barrigón. This beach is easily accessible and located in a natural setting making it ideal for some relaxation.

Playa Lastres

Playa de Lastres

This beach is made up of sand, gravel and rocks, and is known for starring in the Spanish TV series Doctor Mateo. Even though it is not longer than 300 meters, this beautiful beach shares its name with the picturesque village of Lastres, one of the most typical ports in Asturias.

Playa Espasa

Playa de La Espasa

At less than five minutes by car from the hotel, we can find this golden beach stretching out for almost a whole kilometer. It is perfect for a stroll by the sea with fiends or family, or for some relaxation at the terrace of one of the beach bars.

Playa La Griega

Playa de la Griega

At ten minutes by car from the hotel, we habe got the beach of La Griega. East of this golden stretch of sand, there is a path of a little over half a kilometer that leads its visitors to some fossilized footprints, these are the biggest ichnites yet to be found in the world. La Griega is an ideal beach for a day out with the kids.


Playa de Vega

In the council of Ribadesella, just 20 min. from the hotel, by car, is Vega beach. A golden sand, open and with semi-wild vegetation. With almost 1.5km in length it becomes the most extensive sand in the region.

Arenal de Morís

Arenal de Morís

Belonging to the municipality of Caravia, at a bit over five minutes by car from the hotel, this beach with a length of 700 meters has got a very high landscape value. It has also proved itself to be very suitable for both spera-fishing and rock-fishing.

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